Four Pillars to Covering Your Bases

It’s super important that you get your life together. Why?

It’s much more difficult to be a high-frequency, powerful, capable, and effective mystic if you can’t pay your bills.

Inelia Benz shared during a 2019 retreat that it’s imperative to “cover your bases.” They are:

  1. Shelter
  2. Food
  3. Human contact
  4. Income

Let’s look at each of these from both a practical and mystical perspective.

Shelter – We all need to protect our bodies from the elements. It’s also our natural instinct to claim a space as our own. Whether we’re living each day in a different hotel or paying a 30-year mortgage, we all need a space to call “home.”

Mystically speaking, our home is our power center. It’s where we center and ground ourselves. Our home is one of our core, sacred spaces for doing our mystical works. It’s also much easier to do mystical works if your home is consistent, stable, and high-frequency.

Food – We all need nourishment by replenishing our chi. We replenish much of our chi from our Sun and Gaia. Whether you’re vegan or eat meats, we’re eating other creatures to rejuvenate our bodies with energy. Plants and animals represent different phases of the chi cycle, so it’s really up to you and your physical body which diet works best. There are also records of breatharians and sun-gazers who gain their chi directly from Gaia or the Sun, so it is possible to absorb chi without food. Personally speaking, my body really likes to eat chocolate ice cream and steak, so we’re sticking with that for now 🙂

Mystically speaking, food is just one way that we need to look after our physical bodies. It’s about responsibility, very similar to looking after a pet. Would you lock your dog in a room for days on end without taking it for walks? Likely not. By having a healthy and strong body, we become much more mystically able and powerful as well.

Human contact – We do not live in isolation. One of the cruelest forms of punishment is solitary confinement because our bodies need intimacy, connection, and physical touch. There’s tons of research out there about babies who do not get enough parasympathetic responses grow up with a ton of problems. So we need community, connection, and physical touch in order to survive. Make friends, hug your family, and collaborate with interesting groups.

Mystically speaking, everything we do involves other people. Although you may not cast a spell over another person, it’s 99% likely that the results of that spell will come through other people. Whether you’re doing manifestation or alchemical works, we need human collaboration to carry it out.

Income – We still find ourselves in the chosen reality where we have to pay to live on the planet. Our income does NOT need to be connected to our chosen “mission.” How we earn income is irrelevant. What DOES matter is getting a source of income that supports us and covers our bases. Whether you’re working at McDonald’s or Google, we need income to support ourselves on the planet at this time. Don’t overcomplicate it.

Mystically speaking, income is a direct representation of our power. It is chi, the ability to do, a tool. Think of all the billionaires on the planet and how quickly they can shape reality. Also, without income, we can incur debt with others. This is a very disempowering energy, so it’s important that we’re gaining income somehow.

As a Mystic, if you’re thriving instead of surviving, then you can spend more time focusing how to use your power.

And imagine what it would be like if we had 100 light-worker billionaires on the planet 😀 The world would look much, much different.

So cover your bases. Once your life is in order, your power as a Mystic will continue grow.

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