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Add a Mystic Twist to Your Life

Modern physics and ancient mystics show that WE are the creators of our realities. There are limitless ways to shape our realities through mystical practices.

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Online Mystical Training

iBenz Academy

It's important to get mystical training so that you can be energetically "street smart." I'm co-creating iBenz Academy, which will teach you practical and mystical ways that you can create the reality you want to experience.

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About Dr. Kara

Mystical skills no longer need to be shrowded in 'mystery.' These skills are our inherent birthright, and using them can help you to expand your awareness and raise your personal frequency. But getting started in the Mystical Arts isn't always easy. That's why my tools and tips are practical and mystery-free. My goal is to help you to empower yourself, so we can co-create the High-Frequency Paradigm experience on Earth, NOW!

Dr. Kara