You may have heard of the term “Gaia.” It’s the name that I personally use to put a name to the Sentient Consciousness of our Planet Earth.

If you are interested in any type of Mystical Art, you are aware, at some level, of the energy and spirit of Earth. Whether you use the elements in your rituals, or use herbal medicines for healing, it’s impossible NOT to collaborate with Gaia on some level in our mystical practices.

We are the children of Gaia, and its planetary body literally makes up everything that we interact with on daily basis.

Everything that we interact with in our lives, from the car we drive, the food we eat, to the computer or device that you’re using to read these words — all of that is a result of the collaboration between Gaia and the Human Collective.

This collaboration is such an important aspect our lives, yet we are often unconscious about it or don’t spend much time thinking about it. Which is why it will be a major theme of this website and adding mystical twists to your everyday life. Just becoming aware of this connection can make dramatic shifts in your life.

For the past several years, I have been helping to develop practical and mystical tools that we can use to collaborate and co-create with Gaia. We’ve formed what we call the Guild of Gaia so that more of us can consciously explore and expand this co-creation with Gaia.

Check out some of the other articles I have about Gaia, where I will share some specific ways that you can mystically connect and work with Gaia in your daily life.

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