You may have seen the critically acclaimed movie, The Matrix at some point or another. If you haven’t, I strongly recommend that you do 😉

In order to do any type of Mystical Art, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the nature of reality. There’s TONS of information out there about how Reality is a simulation of experience that we’re co-creating together.

The nature of reality has fascinated me my entire life, which is why you’ll see several Mystic Twists related to technology, artificial intelligence, lifehacks, quantum physics, and other topics related to the Game of Life.

Understanding the basic rules of reality will strongly benefit any type of mystical work that you’re doing.

Even if you’re not necessarily interested in technology or physics, I strongly suggest you check out my articles on the Matrix. You don’t need to be a technologist or scientist to use this information to your benefit. After decades of teaching science and technology to novices, I’ll try to break it down and make it as relatable as possible 🙂

Like Neo in The Matrix, once we understand how the Simulation works, it’s amazing what we can do to create reality. Doing so will definitely add a Mystic Twist to your life!

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