Why “spirits” attract Spirits

If you’re going to listen to any of my advice about mysticism, then I hope you’ll follow this one above all the others.

Do not drink alcohol, consume recreational drugs, or operate from a low-frequency state when doing mystical works!

Why is it so important to be sober when doing mysticism?

At best, alcohol and drugs shrink your awareness, change the physiology of your body, and lower your frequency.

At worst, alcohol and drugs can be “open doors” for low-frequency entities, energies, spirits, and other nasty stuff to come in and possess you or feed off your energy. Literally.

In fact, alcoholic spirits (e.g. whiskey, vodka, gin, etc.) originates from alchemy. Alchemists often work with the Three Philosophical Principles–Salt, Sulphur, and Mercury.

An alchemist would ferment an herb or fruit for months or years in order to extract its spirit from the plant’s physical body. The spirit or Mercury is incredibly powerful by itself. But when combined with the plant’s Salt (its physical body) and Sulphur (its essential oils), an alchemist can create very powerful medicine and other alchemical works.

In alchemy, alcoholic spirits were never intended to be consumed recreationally or carelessly. They were respected as a microcosmic expression of the Universal Divine Spirit, the link between Body and Soul.

And the Human Collective knows that “spirits” are indeed Spirits, which is why we see it in pop culture. You may have heard how there are different types of drunkenness depending which alcohol you consume. This video from a TV sitcom sums it up quite well 😂 but to summarize, each plant has different inherent properties, so different Spirits have different affects and effects. 

As Inelia Benz often says, “Spirits attract spirits.” In general, it’s a good idea not to drink alcohol or consume drugs. But if you do drink or take drugs and are thinking of quitting, talk to your medical practitioner before doing so.   

Another important point is that even if you don’t drink or do drugs, other low-frequencies can impact your mystical works.

If you are in a low-frequency state — fear, anger, addiction to drama, guilt, jealousy, etc. — this will add a negative “color” to your mystical work, which could be hijacked (i.e. nefariously used) by the damaged ego or by dark entities. 

So it’s very important to understand that mysticism in itself is NOT a path of enlightenment or ascension

Doing magick, divination, mediumship, or other mystical crafts does not necessarily raise your personal frequency to a more joyful, loving state.

Mysticism is a tool. And just like how a knife can be used to cook a beautiful meal for your family or be used to kill someone, mysticism is no different. 

Are there positive aspects to mysticism? Absolutely. Meditating before a ritual or doing a chant to put you in altered state can be a great way to raise your frequency or expand your awareness. But note that it’s not the magick itself that’s raising your frequency — you are doing that by choosing to meditate or do a chant that expands your awareness. 

You can just as easily raise your frequency and expand your awareness by processing your fear because fear is the lowest-frequency state a person can experience on this planet. 

To summarize, never drink alcohol or consume drugs before doing magick, divination or any type of mystical work. And make sure you are staying as high-frequency possible, both when you are and are not practicing mysticism.

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