Your manifestation compass

One of the most powerful and important mystical tools that you can ever learn is a very simple, one word exercise: 


Whether you’re looking to manifest a new job, put together a magickal spell, find a romantic partner, learn how to paint, use alchemy to transform something, start a new workout routine, or anything else you may want to change or influence in your life… Ask yourself: 


Why do you want a new job? Why do you want to do magick? Why do you want a romantic partner? Why do you want to learn how to paint? Why do you want to transform something? Why do you want to start a new workout routine?  

If an answer comes up, such as, “I want a new job to make more money” or “I want to lose weight,” then ask yourself again: 


I know, I know, this may seem annoying and redundant 😜 But asking this question is one way to practice tracing energy lines at a mystical level.

When we follow the energy lines, we can start to see where we’re going and who (or what) is influencing us. Asking ourselves this simple question is like following a compass to our true destination. 

We’re often motivated to do stuff because we “should do it.” The “should” usually comes from social programming or other stories that we agree to. “I should go to school” or “I should eat healthy.” Why should you?

We can also make decisions based out of fear. If we’re doing something because we’re afraid, this is a big red flag. Nearly 100% of the time if we do something out of fear, it’s based on somebody else’s agenda.

By asking ourselves “why?”, we can identify whether any unconscious programs or fears are controlling us.

Removing these unconscious programs and fears makes it easier for us to find our why.  The reason I bring this up is because every mystical work needs a very strong why.

We can’t “willy nilly” or half-ass a mystical project. If we do, generally two things will happen: We risk poor mystical etiquette (e.g. doing magick without knowing why we’re doing it is not a good idea). But also, we risk dropping the mystical work before we can complete it.

We need a strong motivation, a clear why, to start and finish a mystical project. Some works can take days, months, even years to finish. Just like an artist may quickly sketch something to practice a new technique or take decades to finish a masterpiece, having a clear intent behind our work will help us to persevere. 

This doesn’t need to be just about mystical works though. Try asking yourself this simple question throughout your daily life and see what comes up 🙂 you may be surprised where this compass will lead you! 

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