How to do Elemental Magick πŸ”₯πŸ’¨πŸ’§πŸŒ±

I’ve written about how and why Magick is a cheat code to our reality.

Now I’d like to share with you a powerful technique that you can use to “push” your code, your intent, into your everyday life by conducting a magickal ritual using the Elementals.

This technique can be used for casting spells, creating power objects, alchemy, and a variety of other uses.  

First, you need a clear intent about WHY you want to use magick for something. It’s a good idea to only cast magick on yourself so you don’t infringe upon the free will of others. Write down your intent on a piece of paper or type it out so you’re super clear about your intent.  Here are some common intents that we can use in magick: 

  • Attracting something into our life (money, love, work, new house, etc.)
  • Repelling something from our life (negativity, low-frequency engagements, physical or emotional toxicity, etc.)
  • Protection (establishing healthy boundaries in our life, putting barriers around our homes, etc.) 
  • Increasing something (communication, abundance, psychic awareness, etc.)
  • Decreasing something (psychic noise, addictions, physical pain, limitations we no longer want, etc.)

Now that you have your intent, you need to gather your magickal ingredients.

YouΒ will need a physical representative of the four elements: fire πŸ”₯ air πŸ’¨waterπŸ’§ and earth 🌱. You can use a candle for fire, incense or a feather for air, a glass or bowl filled with water, and a rock or plant for earth.Β The fifth element, spirit, is you πŸ™‚ you are the one that connects all the elements together.

You will also need a fifth object to represent your intent. This could be your house, a $100 bill, a piece of artwork, your house, a crystal, etc. It’s best to find an object that matches your intent symbolically.Β Β 

Next, place your elements on a table or altar surrounding your object. If you’ve chosen a larger object, like your house or car, then place the table inside of it. The elements will help “charge” the object with your intent. 

Now, you will go into an altered state or expansion of awareness. This helps us get out of our small egoic self and into our more natural state. Take a few deep breaths or do a short meditation before you start. 

You will now request the power and call in the Elementals to support you. The Elementals are the sentient spirits that animate fire, air, water, and earth elements.

While holding one of the objects that represent fire, air, water, or earth, call in that Elemental to come and assist you. To do this, simply say, “I call the Element of Water to assist me in this ritual.” Do this for all of the elements. 

Next, while holding your fifth object of intent (or touching your house or car), visualize your intent or say out loud a clear statement about what its “job” is. The job is your intent.  While holding your object, meditate, chant, pray, or do whatever to help you keep your vibrational frequency high and in an altered state. While doing this, feel the object accepting the intent that you gave it.  

When the object feels “done,” you will return the Elementals to where they came from. To do this, thank each element and tell it to leave. You can say, “Thank you Element of Air for assisting me in this ritual, now return to where you came from.” Do this for all four elements. To help symbolize this, allow the candle and incense to burn out, pour the water outside or on a plant, return the rock or feather to its normal location.  

Don’t skip this last step πŸ™‚ keeping the Elementals around longer than intended can cause chaos in your life. 

Now your object of intent is ready for use! Put it in a location that feels the most resonant. If it’s for protection or repelling, you can leave it behind a bookshelf or in the corner of a room. If it’s something to attract or increase something, try putting it somewhere where you can see it every day. There’s no wrong or right way to go about this; it will work it’s Magick! 

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