Why Magick is a “cheat code” to the Matrix

Our Reality Matrix is a set of agreements. We as a collective species created these agreements, or a set of “rules,” in order to have a particular type of game on Earth.

Most games wouldn’t be any fun without rules.

I was a game designer for many years and published papers about how games are used as social and learning mechanisms. I’ve also been a huge gamer my whole life, so I know firsthand just how powerful games can be for us and our lives.

Just like in the movie The Matrix, once we see that reality is just code, programs, and rules, it really isn’t much different than a game. And like Neo in the movie, we can learn how to bend or even break these rules. These are called cheat codes in gaming terms.

Every gamer knows about cheat codes and hacks, which can be fun ways to tweak the gaming experience. During the 1990s, it was so common for video games to have cheat codes that gamers would buy magazines (this was before the Internet took off) or special game extensions (Game Genie, anyone?). Why so much fuss for something that seems so trivial and meaningless?

First, games are meaningful and powerful. And second, a lot of people go out of their way to “cheat” so they can can gain an advantage to make the game easier or simply to experience the game in a whole new way. They’re motivated to do so because of the love (or hate) of the game.

Cheat codes in themselves wouldn’t be any fun if there were no rules to a game. In fact, a game wouldn’t even be a game without rules. Imagine what the World Cup would look like if you could play with your hands, or playing Chess with only Queens. Totally changes the dynamic of the game, right?

If you’ve ever heard of card counting in Las Vegas, or inside trading in Wall Street, these are “advantage” cheats. Most of them are illegal in order to keep a fair playing ground for everyone.

Similarly, turning on god mode in Doom or jumping 0.5 times higher in Super Mario are examples of how cheats can completely change the dynamic of the game.

So the energy lines here that we should look at from a Mystical perspective are advantage, god mode, and changing the experience of the game.

Typically we play out the Game of Life through certain rules. Manifestation is one of the core rules that structure our Matrix. According to Inelia Benz, “Manifestation is an agreed co-creation.” In order to manifest something, we have to create very compelling stories that both ourselves and other people will believe and carry it out. This is because about 99% of everything we experience is brought about by other people. This also involves other Matrix rules like free will, disallowing instant manifestation, etc.

But magick is entirely different.

Magick is the cheat code to the Matrix.

Magick is cheat code because:

  1. It can break free will.
  2. It can break the rules of the Matrix.
  3. It can be used for any purpose or intent.

We can use Magick for almost any intent or purpose — for an “advantage,” “god mode,” or even “changing the experience” depending on the intent or how you look at it.

If you’ve ever studied Magick, you may have heard of the “Rule of Threes.” Basically this means that, anything you put out there from a magickal perspective, will come back at you by the power of 3 (not “times” three but “exponent” three). This is a caution to anyone doing Magick. If you’re doing dark works, it’s 100% guaranteed that doing so will open up doors to allow darkness into your life.

But the same is also true for the light and joylightlove. If you cast a spell or do Magick for high-frequency purposes, then high-frequency experiences will come back at you.

Why does this happen? Because Magick “pushes” something into reality. And when something pushes into reality, Reality pushes back.

So why is Magick allowed to happen if it’s possible to infringe upon the free will of others? Generally, free will is built into the rules of engagement of our Matrix. So what’s the deal?

Basically, we also agreed at a collective level to allow these “pushes” in reality to happen. Just like a game designer chose to put in a cheat code, we chose to put in the cheat code of Magick into the Matrix. And just like the game designer, we don’t expect everyone to use or even know about the cheat code. But those who are aware or are guided to find it, will find it.

Just like how Magick finds a way to us if we’re open to it. You wouldn’t be reading these words otherwise 🙂

So these are some of the mechanics about how Magick relates to the Matrix, and also why it’s a bit different to something like manifestation.

I would have never known about this subtle difference if it wasn’t for Inelia Benz, so I am immensely grateful for her work. Check out her book Are You A Witch? to learn more!

As always, a good rule of thumb is to only do Magick as it relates to YOU and your life. Best not to go messing with other people’s free will. That may open a door for someone or something else to mess with your free will. So don’t worry about it by simply keeping your magick to yourself 😉

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