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This blog is all about making Mysticism, mystery-free.

For centuries, the Nature of Reality has been under lock-and-key within secret societies, occult circles, and initiation levels.


Because the Human Collective agreed to play a game of Dark/Light and Power Over Others, and knowing these Universal Truths would get you burned at the stake. It would ruin the “game” that we had agreed to play at a collective level.

This is no longer the case.

The Human Collective has now decided to play a different game, one of high-frequency expression and co-creation. Many of us refer to this change as the “New Paradigm” because we’re stepping out of the old game of Power Over Others and into something “new,” where our realities don’t need to be based on fear, aggression, and the illusion of separation.

We also now live in an era with unprecedented access to information. No longer are we limited by structures of authority that sequester Universal Truths through rites, initiation, or secret ritual. Nowadays, we don’t need to worry about being burned at the stake because of our natural expression, which is Mystical in nature.

Exciting times, huh? 😉

So this blog is an honest exploration and sharing of the Mystical practices that I’ve learned about throughout my life and training. I continue to use the word “Mystic” because it’s an umbrella term that can include many different types of esoteric and exoteric work: shamanism, magick, alchemy, mediumship, reiki, manifestation, etc. For now, it’s a useful literacy device to denote these broad range of practices.

For now, I’ve split up the blog into 4 main categories: Alchemy, Magick, Gaia, and Matrix. You can also check out my YouTube channel and Instagram for other tips and tricks.

To get started in the Mystical Arts, here’s the first and most important step you can do today: Process Your Fears.

My goal is to share mystery-free and easy-to-use tools that you can use to put a Mystic Twist to your life!